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Rum and Raisin Studio

Lewis: Desk Buddy

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Keep forgetting to hydrate yourself? Let this little cat remind you every time you look at him. Keep him by your desk, and let him help you stay hydrated. Dehydration directly impacts are mental health negatively, and we don't want that! 

Materials: Clay

Size: 1.5 inches (approximately) 

Care: Prevent heavy impact, handle with lots of care, all attachments are assembled by hand. Wipe with a damp cloth.

Contents: Each pack includes 1 desk buddy

Note: All sculptures are completely handmade one at a time, which makes every unit slightly different from the next. Orders are packed randomly so your order may differ slightly from the images shown due to the nature of materials and processes. Please allow room for a certain organic-ness and imperfect-ness of hand sculpted decor, we believe it sets it apart from its mass produced counterparts and makes it unique. You own an original piece of art :)

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