Made for anxious minds, by an anxious mind

Our Founder

"As a neurodivergent artist and designer with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I've had numerous experiences with mental health struggles. I incorporate these personal experiences into my design practice, creating products that are practical, empathetic, and supportive of your mental health journey."

Tanvi Parulkar
Illustrator & Visual Designer

Our Mission

The goal is to create playful, non-intimidating tools for daily mental health care. These tools should inspire curiosity about the mind, while providing encouragement, peace, and a sense of belonging.


Our mission

Let’s express who are you, what is your mission, what is unique selling point of your business to increase reliability as well as impress customer

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Designed in-studio

Original art, concepts and designs, made in India.


2000 + happy customers

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Designed from a place of strong empathy, and understanding of an anxious mind.

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