The Unboxing Experience

The Unboxing Experience


Our unboxing experience is designed to give you that Christmas morning feeling! 

The Box: Your package arrives in a sturdy, reusable 3-ply cardboard box, completely white without any branding to encourage you to use it again - you can paint on it, add stickers, or just keep it simple! Store jewellery, trinkets, notepads etc or use it when you are gifting! 

The Wrapping: Wrapped in recycled, eco-friendly tissue in our signature brand colours, sealed with our little logo, makes you impatient to open it even though you may know what you'll find inside!

The Note: Our thank you notes come with an original artwork at the back, you can pin to the wall, or your boards. Artworks change with every batch!

The Goodies: Some of our products come in reusable ziplock baggies, we urge you to hold on to them, and use them for storage of your handmade jewellery as it is recommended to keep clay jewellery away from other pieces in your jewellery box. Some products might come in eco-friendly cardboard boxes, or individually wrapped in tissue. If you find any bubble wrap, know that is been upcycled! We don't purchase any new bubble wrap. 

The Cushioning: Recycled paper grass keeps your handmade goodies safe till they make it to you!

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