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The Five Finger Rule to enhancing your work day

Have you ever felt low and demotivated on an intense day of work? You are not alone! We at Rum & Raisin Studio, from our own experiences, have to put together a list of five simple things you can do to feel excited about your work day.


De-clutter your desk

A clean environment makes way for a more peaceful mind before you approach your long to-do list. Wipe down your desk surface, put things back in their place and then start your day. Open the curtains and let the sunlight stream onto your desk. This will energise you to begin!


Build little habits towards healthy productivity

The right posture, hydration, screen-time limits are all little things that make a big difference in our productivity levels. Set reminders on your phone or laptop and start incorporating these in your day. Or even better, let Alex, Sam and Jeff remind you to do these things! Stick them where you won’t miss them, and they’ll handle the rest.

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Take mindful breaks

Instead of scrolling aimlessly on social media (where 5 mins turn into 20 before you realise) try putting on a timer, and meditating or stretching for 5-10 minutes. Use apps like Headspace for a guided exercise to bring your mind to the present moment and become more aware of your surroundings.


Decorate your space

Whether it’s contact paper on your desk, little plants, or laptop skins- adding visual imagery that you relate with or that matches your vibe is a great way to feel connected. We guarantee that you will not get bored of the same old boring desk and chair. When we designed our new tech decor collection we kept this mind. You can check that out here.

Cute cats laptop skin on a desk surface


Create a routine to end your day with

Just like it is important to have a clean workspace at the beginning of your day, you should also end your day by tidying up your space. Other things that you can include in your checklist are - a final round of emails or messages, putting an agenda in place for the next day etc. Ensure that once you close your laptop, you don’t open it for work again. Make the switch between work-from-home to relax-at-home!