Take a peek at our design process

Take a peek at our design process

Being formally trained as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, it is my second nature to dive deep into my concept and have a thorough design process to arrive at the best possible solution/outcome for my brief!

In this case study we'll take a quick look at how the Wise Cacti were born.

Stage 1: Putting the idea onto paper.

I was working within the space of creating unique desk accessories / products users will connect with and cherish. I was thinking about everything we do at our desks every day, especially during the work from home season. And thats how the idea popped into my head. I made preliminary sketches to see what all is possible. 

Stage 2: Research

An important step to see what is already out there in this specific category. To see how we can make ours stand out, and to make sure we aren't too close to something that already exists.

Stage 3: Prototypes

Different sketches were turned into prototypes to see what works and doesn't work in terms of form, time to make each unit and size. Initial prototypes were rejected as they were too complicated and would have increased cost without adding much to the concept itself. So the form was simplified and we arrived at our 3 final designs.

Stage 4: Execution

A tedious process over 4-5 days. First we make the individual parts - the pot, the plant and the speech bubble, connect them with a metal armature. Once they are completely dry, the details are meticulously added, one layer at a time. Once the paint dries, the final layer of glaze is added to seal in the paint. 

Stage 4: User testing

You'll find prototypes all over our studio, sitting by my desk for over a month, waiting to be launched! And we were able to confirm that they are great companions indeed.

We follow a similar design process for all our designs. The goal is to make products that you emotionally connect with, and enjoy having with you!

If you'd like to check out more behind the scenes, check out our Instagram!